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There are a lot of links I need to add to this, but I need to get back to reading old threads to find them all. If you have any recent favorites, I'd love to hear about them here or by PM.

Peltier Glass Company (1886-present)

Caches of information have been building up at other sources since I started this thread. See also:

The factory:

Pics From Ottowa Il, The Peltier Glass Co.

Various examples and discussions:

Peltier First And Second Runs? This is new to me (some good history)

Idle Question For An Expert (slag and NLR discussion, more good history)

Comics & Ppps (More good history)

Pelt Pieces

Need To Verify This Marble (the Peltier flip-flop)

Show Me Your Grey Based Pelts!

My Rainbos Are Sick (dirty bubble syndrome)

Question For Pelt Collectors? (I would still like to hear more about this!)

Peltier Lantern Wasp Bee Hybrid?

Opaque Red Based Peltier (it's sometimes difficult to determine the base color)

I Wanna See Your Rainbows, Any size any maker

A Controversial Thread (Superman vs. Superboy, and other stuff)

Slags (National Onyx):

The Sky is Blue, say what?

Something For The Pelt Lovers... (assorted slag colors)

A Little Something For The Peltier Lovers...

Peltier White Slags?

Peltier Poll (follow-up to clear pelt slag discussion here)

Mostly Pix - Gropper

Miller Swirls?

A Controversial Thread (see post 21)

Pelt Mail !!, The Most Underated Pelts.....

Multi-Color Swirls:

Best Viewed In Hd

Unusual Pelt

Pelt Mail !!, The Most Underated Pelts.....


Mostly Pix - Peltier

Dumb As A Rock, Sometimes ya cant see for looking

Someone needs to add a decent textbook explanation about the comics reproduction boxes. I'll try to remember when I run across the explanation again.

Peerless Patches:

Grandparent's Collection, Need Help With Id & Values!

Marble Mail, Extra NICE Peltier Patch (Bruiser)

Un-corked Corks, Or ... ?, (2 for ID)

Calling All Peerless Patch Lovers!!, "Smoke 'em if you got 'em!"

Later Peerless Patches

Identifying Peltier Peerless Patch Marbles

Fun With Peerless Patches (Comic marbles, with some "normal" patches, along with some wild shapes)

Pearlized Patch:

Could This Be A Pearlized Peltier Patch On Blue?

Calling All Peerless Patch Lovers!! "Smoke 'em if you got 'em!" (See post 19)

Show Us Your Favorite Patches! (Patry's patches in Post #13)

Acme Realer:

Moss Agate Or Cloudy Type Marbles, Akro, Master, Peltier, Alley, who else? (box in post #3)

IDing Acme Realers from Pictures, (can be tricky!)

Name Game (Post #1)

Acme Realers

Honey Onyx:

Whatcha Think? (Post #8)

Mostly Pix - Peltier (Post #10)

NLR vs. Rainbo:

Would this be NLR or Rainbo?, Does it have a name?

Is It A Bird, Is It A Plane --- Superman, right??

Colors Of The Rainbo

Colors Are Right For A Pelt Sub, But..., I don't think it is... NLR anyways??

Nlrs Vs. Rainbos, Am I confused?

Pelt Rainbo Names

Pelt Pieces


Talk To Me About This Pelt Please (this has the myth in it about rainbo ribbons running deep and NLRs being more at the surface.)

"Tweeners" (possibly late NLR to early Rainbo)

Pelt Rainbo ?

Pelt? (wide ranging NLR vs. Rainbo discussion)

Tracers? Bloodies? Rainbos? Huh? (just found out that Bloodies came in National Marbles boxes as well as the more modern big value assortment style - they might be true tweeners)

The Peltier Timeline:

Cool Oddball Pelt Rainbo, (haven't seen one before)

Peltier Windshield marbles revisited

A Peltier, new one for me

Later Peerless Patches

National Marbles Or National Line, Which Came First?

Pelt Rainbo Names

Various NLR's: (if you think any of these threads don't actually have NLR's in them, please let me know)

Need To Verify This Marble (the tell-tale peltier flip-flop on a Ketchup and Mustard)

Never Seen Before, Peltier ("Blue Deere", you might say)

Yellow Adventurine, On Pelt's of course (Golden Rebel)

Pelt Question From Exciteable (Golden Rebel)

Pelt Chocolate Cow

Peltier Burnt Xmas Tree!

Superman Oddity

Killer Peltier K&ms (also a liberty)

Is This A Blue Galaxy ???, Auction Pic from this morning.....I lost

Northeast Marble Meet (Green Galaxy in post #5)

MM: Why Blue Galaxy? (Green Galaxy in post #7)

Look What I Caught Galen Doing On Camara!, Orange County Show

Hey Scott!! It's Here.., The Pelt Bengal Tiger!

Its The Mailman Again

Pelt Panda? Rarest Pelts?, Anyone own one? (Zebra vs. Panda, pix in Post #6, plus a lot of other great mibs)

Name That Pelt! Please.... (Blue Pandas in post #11)

Marble Pictures (brown zebra)

Peltier Post - Part Two - Cool Zebra W Green Aventurine

Hey Hey Hey Heres A Pelt !!!, got a name for it ? (anemic Bumble Bee)

Unusual Peltier, wannabe golden rebel ???? (Ruby Bee)

A Couple Of Nice Ones (blue bee)

Blue Aventurine In Older Mibs Can you show some examples please? smile.gif (blue bee)

Could This Be A Peltier Sub?

Name Game (Superman, Spiderman, K&M, Cub Scout, John Deere, Christmas Tree)

Whats This Un Number2 (is this a brown traveller? I've seen many different looking marbles identified as brown traveller.)

Does Any One Have One Like This . Peltier (See Post #5. Is it a brown traveller and/or moody blue or neither?)

Peltier Green Lantern?!?! (Green Hornet and Green Lantern)

Taking Advantage Of The Name Game???, or is this ligit??? (Discussion about a "Black and Blue", or "Blue and Black", and a Bruiser -- the Bruiser would be a different marble?)

Better Yet (Orange Rebel)

Miller Greycoat

Pelt ? (Golden Dragon)

Rare Peltier Nlr Pink (Strawberries N Cream)

Some names I've seen before, left here now as a reminder of things to look for later:

Flaming Dragon

Flaming Golden Dragon

Lemon Lime (and other green & yellow pelts?)


Red Zebra

Blue Zebra


Name Of This Pelt??, an angel?

Marble Mail

Citrus Set (NLR's):

Does This Pelt Have A Name?

yesterdays marblemail, citrus set (some history)

A Very Very Touchy Subject

Blueberry Anyone?

Is This A Peltier Liberty Or What?

Various rainbos:

Mostly Pix - Peltier (Big Value boxes full of rainbos in post #6 and 9, mesh bags with rainbos in post #4)

Unknown Vintage Marble

My New Marble Box (old box, marbles not orginal to the box is the marble bag original?)

Are These **pelts** Hard To Find ? 3 Color, A slice of keylime

Some Fav Rainbos!, What are yours

2 Cool Pelts, Anyone Have One Like These?

Black-based Rainbos


Name Game (Post #22)


My Find Labed #13, hope this is a peltier clown


Anyone Have A Pelt Copperhead, for sale or trade? (They're not NLRs? I did not know that!)


Peltier Windshield marbles revisited

A Simple Rainbo..

Id Help Please....vitro Or Ca?

Windshield Again

Transparent Base:

Cool Crystal Clear Peltier Rainbo

Id Help For Ebay Listing, Vitro's or peltier clear rainbos

Transparent base wasp

Peltier... Am I Right On The Name? (clear ketchup and mustard)

Transparent Peltier

6 fingers, pelt vs. vitro with similar look

13/16 Orange Rainbo (?), we had a thread about these before

Nlrs Vs. Rainbos, Am I confused?

Tri-color Rainbo:

Champion Jr.:

We Are The Champions?


Name Of This Pelt??, an angel?

Peltier Tracer, is this a common color



Name Game (Post #5)



Mostly Pix - Peltier (Post #6)


Look At These Two Father And Son. Ha, Ha.

What Kind Of Peltiers Are These?


A few pelts, Note: a few hundred (post #48 at present -- could change if something else is merged)

Broken corks:

Definitions (Post #6)

Banana Cat's Eyes:


Weeekend Finds, How'de you make out this weekend

Is This A Pelt Or Master Cat Eye


Experimental Cat's eyes?

Other Pelt experimentals?


Pelt Pee-wee Cat's-eyes ????, Galen's " Little Pretty " has me wondering.

Pelt Baby Rattle

Ohh Yeah Shameless Peltier Plug

Christmas In June

Sit A Spell And Tell Me More About Peewees


Id Help Please....vitro Or Ca?

Did Peltier Make Alot Of 1 Inch Marbles..???

Weeekend Finds, How'de you make out this weekend

Peltier Juicy Fruit

Aventurine discussion:

Yellow Adventurine, On Pelt's of course

Fluorescence discussion:

tba: most link which comes to mind is not available


Odd One

Oxblood Line

Different Pelts


LOM: Pelt? -- since attachments are periodically removed at LOM, here is Al's pic:

(click to enlarge)


Nova group, including Rootbeer Floats:

May 2009: So Whats The Scoop On Peltier Rootbeer Floats, were they only made in a limited size?

This is a pretty powerful thread summarizing information about Rootbeer Floats, Novas, and other members of the extended Nova family. Contributors include David Chamberlain who before this has often been quoted but not been online to contribute personally. I'll keep the other links below at least for the time being, but this is where you should start for an introduction and return to for a summary. (in my opinion - thanks! -sch, 5/22/2009)

Look What I Caught Galen Doing On Camara!, Orange County Show

Pelt Novas

Believe It Or Not (this is a follow-up of sorts to the preceding link)

Peltier Nova History

L@@k !!! My Very First Peltier Root Beer Float !!!, Thank you so much Carole

Pelt Root Beer Float

MM: Root Beer Floats, Novas, and Pink Champagnes (article by David Chamberlain)

NOT Rootbeers:

First of all, if it is not a large marble, 7/8" or 15/16", you already know it cannot be a rootbeer. They were limited edition marbles, all large, all made on a single day in 1989.

If This Aint A "peltier Root Beer Float" Then What Is It?, The experts say no! and i wana know why?

Is This A Root Beer Float?

Peltier Root Beer Float?, I think i hit the jackpot!!

Other discussion:

Peltier Red Root Beer Float Type. Help.

"First Run" and "Second Run":

Pelts, 1st & 2nd runs

First Run Pelts

Other unusual examples:

Unusual Peltier, for the pelt lovers....

New Pelt (wow, what a "V"!)

Help Identify ("Polar Bear")

Purple Ribbon Pelt

Peltiers (golden debris)

A Little Unusual (check out the bifurcated pelt in the middle of the pic in Post #4)

Mica In A Pelt ?, look at this !!!!!! (silvery bubbles)

Lemme' See All Your "junk" Mibs!!

Bad Boy Rainbos

"Triple" seam?

Cullet and/or dug:

Just A " Piece " Of My Mind !!!!

Cool New Nlr Addition..., with some grey (interesting NLR, plus discussion about dug pelts)

Peltier Picture Gallery:

A few pelts, Note: a few hundred

Couple Of New Big Ones, Note: very pretty pelts

Todays Marble Mail

Peltier: Your Best/rarest Three

Secondary Peltiers

(There are definitely more pelt picture parades on the board. It's a matter of finding the links.)

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