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Peltier: Your Best/rarest Three


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I would like to get back to seeing some sweet mibs...I would like to see your best or rarest three Peltiers. I know many of you have extensive collections, I want to see the best of the best, rarest of the rarest. I dont mean for this to turn into a pissing contest either and I know many of you are shy about showing off what you have, but this once lets see them, as it is the new year. My pelts arent that good...but I know yours are!

1. 7/8 Flaming dragon with av in the red

2. 5/8 rainbow blue/green/brown/white

3. 5/8 clown variation, I dont know, I like it!

Thanks for your effort,




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Hi, I have a bunch of Peltier, but I've not been around long enough to know which are rare and I think they're all awesome. The first few I'm sure are Peltier (well, except for the red, white and green). And the next 2 pics are marbles I'm pretty sure are Peltier, maybe you can tell me if I've got any 'good' ones keeping in mind that I pretty much love indiscriminately. I hope I got enough of them right that it doesn't mess up your thread and thanks for looking...Nancy


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Hey Charles That is one great marble you have there, I have one very similar, but it dosnt have as much color, just the flaming orange, I call it my flaming opal, it is 13/16" and I believe one of the rarest NLRs if not marble I have...........Thanks for showing it. Jay

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