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Just checking: is the plus needed? would 3/4" be okay?


Ron wrote this at LOM:

Parrots-again,what Blaine Lemon told me. He was Vitro plant manager and parrots were his favorite marble. He always had them in his bib overall pockets. Blaine said his goal was a 1 inch four color marble not including white,but 100% coverage did not always happen. Some would have the white base showing.

Some parrots are patch pattern and some in the bigger sizes are swirl pattern. Some will have white and some will not. Many people include white as one of the colors (thats fine with me). For me a good parrot will show no white and have 4 colors. Sizes range from 3/4 to 1 inch. If the green has aventurine that is another plus. The parakeets are the same type marble,same colors,most all patch type,same looks,just smaller size 5/8-9/16-11/16. The is not much mistake about id of a good parrot or parakeet.


While I'm updating, here in Post #4 is another nice quote from Ron which talks about the numbers of colors on parrots. Also talks about good stuff like aventurine. Vitro multi color marbles - Are these Parrots?

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