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Assorted Cac's?


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What do you think when you see clays and Christensens together in a Favorite Marble Assortment box?

The first time I saw it, I thought there must have been backfilling. Now I've seen it at least three times.

This box was on the bay.

post-279-1199638503_thumb.jpg post-279-1199638521_thumb.jpg

These were on the bay in another favorites box.


And this is from Norm Brown's collection auctioned at Bonham's.


You think Gropper used the clays as filler sometimes?

maybe clay actually even qualified as a "favorite" back in the day, providing inexpensive variety to the "assortment"?

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Do you suppose CAC made clays? Or did they have some sort of affilliation with another company?

The reason I'm especially curious about what clay companies they might have had a connection with is because I still wonder about these Albright packages.

post-279-1199666301_thumb.jpg post-279-1199666311_thumb.jpg

If they had some sort of business relationship to put Albright clays in CAC/Gropper packaging, maybe the flow of marbles went both ways and that might explain the glass marbles in Albright packaging. I know there were other swirl companies in existence at the time of that ad who theoretically might have helped fill the bags. I mostly want them to be CACs and if they did have a business relationship through Gropper, maybe that increases the odds they really were CAC's. (lol)

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