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Another Weird Bennington


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I'm willing to believe this one is legit, well, especially now that I see it was bjmarble who bought it. But I'd like to hear your thoughts about it.

post-279-1200543258_thumb.jpg post-279-1200543262_thumb.jpg

Auction description:

Here's something different for the innovative marble enthuest.1-1/4" di. in un-used condition. vintage handmade Bennington marble knob.Not just a drilled marble.it was formed this way years ago.for many uses -umbrellas, canes,furniture,or other.wet mint condition.rare to find these compared to bennies this size.

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Yep... Those have been around... Along with some interesting chinas that are similar. I always heard them referred to as "Parasol Handles."

It doesn't happen too often (Thank Goodness!!) But, there's nothing like the roller coaster rise and fall of seeing one of these that's REALLY cool, thinking you've found a Holy Graal marble, only to flip it over and have that gaping hole slam you back down to Earth!! :o

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Hey Brad, what a great collection!!!

I wouldn't doubt that the Benny is old for a second and it looks great in the group!!

It's those with the scenes on them that always used to catch my eye...

I kept hoping to find just ONE without the hole!!! LOL

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