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I am a new researcher of marbles and am looking to identify some of these marbles I have found in my mother's estate. I have been researching, but all seems to be rather confusing. I am asking if anyone can help confirm some of these marbles that I have found with the proper name. And to you marble experts, can you provide any other identifying tricks I can use when searching for names? Here are a few of my pics

Multi colored transparent 5/8"-Peltier Glass multi-colored transparent swirl?

white opaque w/ dark red swirls 5/8"- Christiansen Agate Palette #1 two color flame/Oxblood?

Shooter? 7/8" white egg yolk swirl with red flame-Agro Agate Palate #1 shooter oxblood?

Blue solid opaque 5/8" w/ pontils, I think














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Peltier multi-colored swirl. Nice form to the swirling.

Alley Agate

Vitro. Sold in a bag marked Shooters.

Game marble. hit marks, not pontil markes. Pontils are almost always above the surface(or where it would be) of the marble.

No Oxblood


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I'm thinkin' Galen about nailed it!!! But, I also agree with Felicia, that first one is way cool!!!

Note the spelling for Akro Agate... A seach for Agro won't help you!! ;)

It seems to be a very common mistake.

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Guest browse4antiques

Hi Frogfullmoon, I agree with Galen, except that you may be right about the opaque blue one. I have seen pontils like that on handmade opaques from time to time (not often, and they're not too pretty like that either). In hand you can tell easily, because if handmade, the flow of the glass will all go pole to pole (pontil to pontil), with a little twist. ... Roger

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Would that make this a Peltier swirl as well? It's got a very similar pattern



It isn't if there is yellow following the red. and the base glass is off white.

Yours is a Champion New Old Fashion. Mfg. in the 80's.

I may have jumped to a hasty ID.

Could you get a few more PICS?

From a few different angles?

Trying not to hijack the thread too much.

Sorry if I guessed wrong. I don't know nothing, from nothing.

All this time & still learning>


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