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Fluorescent Moonie


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First one I've ever seen, 5/8" with the moonie orange glow when backlit and brite green fluorescent. Anybody else have one? Found it in a fun little mixed lot off eBay. Lots of common corks, lovely swirls, couple slags, 1940s-1960s mix.

Here are a few highlights and the fluor/moonie (plain one in picture):


The plain green cork at the top is on a pale blue base (doesn't show well on my dark blue background).

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I have one which looks a lot like yours. Practically identical in shade. Closer even than it shows in this old pic. (The flash couldn't quite blot out all the effect of the sunlight turning the insides orange)


And it fluoresces the brightest I've ever seen glass fluoresce. Better than my lemonades.

Mine is hand-gathered. I had it a long time before I realized that. But yes, it has faint, yet distinct, handgathered features.

Any chance of yours turning out to be?

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Whatever the name is, Jane I like your marble!

And I do wonder if yours and mine are kin.

p.s., I read yet another definition of moonie, in the glossary at the The American Toy Marble Museum website, and it allowed "cream yellow" as a possibility. They called it a "popular term", so we might be running up against the difference between the interpretation of Moonie with a capital M, and what the kids on the street used it for. But isn't that another matter? Jane wasn't asking if hers was a moonie. She asked if anyone had one like hers. no disrespect intended ... I want to hear more about her marble whatever anybody wants to call it.

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I have always thought to be a Moonie the glass should be transluscent blueish? Peace,Galen

Hey that's what I thought too. When a light is shone thru it.

It should look like fire translucent.

I did read somewhere that Pelt made Yellow marbles & called them Canary's?

At one of the shows, was a poster of the entire Pelt line.

That's where I saw it. Maybe someone else remembers it too??

Thay's my story & I'm sticking to it.


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Peltier never made a marble they called a canary. However they did have their version of a Moonie and they called them Milkies. Peace,Galen

I checked a little further in to this Canary thing. Like a Dr. I like to get a second opinion.

This is an answer to the question. From Chuck & Diane B. you all know them right?

RAY - I don't know about a poster; but, Geno Biffeny had a display case with actual marbles at Ottawa. Yes, some were called Canary's. Best bet would be to contact Geno. Unfortunately, I don't have his number; but, there can't be too many Geno Biffeny's in Ottawa, Ill. Not sure how to spell his name.



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I believe it was Gino that made up the Poster board and used names he had heard of for the various marbles. I am saying Peltier never sold a marble they marketed as a Canary. Heck, if it is a pelt someone has probably named it. or will soon. Peace,Galen

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