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Who Made These Patches?


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That makes tons of sense.

I was getting used to the idea of Rosenthal jobbering Masters, wondered if/why they might do Akros too.

I guess there could be a lot of reasons. But one logical one suddenly jumps out. The seller didn't give the marble size but did state that the box was 7.5" square.

From that, using various assumptions about possible sources of error, I get estimates of between .49 and .52 inches on the marbles. Makes total sense that if Rosenthal needed smaller marbles, they'd turn to a non-Master source.


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For fun, and to check my method, I used the 7" figure to estimate the size of Galen's mibs.

Without worrying about error estimates ... for example taking Galen's 7" measurement as exactly 7" (not, say, 7.2") and not worrying too much about the angling of the box or anything like that, I got 19/32" for the red and green swirls.

Not too bad, I guess.

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i have two incredibly small peewees from Akro.

Hi, I think you misunderstood me, I also have akro peewees, but they were not a mass production item as they would have had to be to be boxed in games. A lot of the peewees were dug, some were not, and some were polished down by the old diggers years ago. good akro peewees are hard to come by. even nice 9/16" corks are a great little prize.

and they're all treasured marbles by akro collectors!

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lol. thanks for clearing that up Galen. I assumed the 7" was for the lid. The adjusted figure still puts the red and green estimate a litttle under 5/8" but it's close. btw, I picked the 3 red and green on the left end because they lined up most neatly in their compartment.

Dani, that's very interesting about the peewees not being a mass production item for Akro.

Still a puzzler since they're not generally thought to be a Master item either.

Maybe Master was able to tweak their 00's a little lower for a good customer like Rosenthal.

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Why are we assuming there were peewees in Rosenthal boxes. I have seen many and they all have had 0-00 size marbles. Those boxes have the same layout and size as the one I pictured do they not. Or am I missing something? Peace,Galen

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Al said one of his pix was described as containing peewees. Geometry corroborated that.

The size is close. The layout is not quite the same. The Rosenthal compartments have a border around them. Your compartments are given more of the box.

I scaled yours so that your 7" measurement for the base could be compared more accurately to the seller's 7.5" measurement for the box. The difference in the size of the compartments is significant.


If your box should actually be scaled up some more to be closer in size to the seller's, it makes your compartments even larger in comparison.

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  • 2 months later...

update: these are definitely peewees. half of them are anyway. I measured 'em myself.

they range from easily under 15/32" to a hair over 17/32". not counting the black one of course.

post-279-1217092598_thumb.jpg post-279-1217092584_thumb.jpg

And someone made them! I think we can safely conclude that! LOL

well, one day I'll figure it out ...

p.s., some of them have obvious filament action like the ones Al showed close-up, and some are more solid-looking like the blue ones I first posted. Transparent green patches on all.

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I have a guess now.

Since we've ruled out both Akro and Master as making peewees as regular production items, I need another choice.

My choice is Alley.

We know Alley made peewees. Galen has/had a mosaic set with Alley peewee swirls.

My greens look right, comparing them in hand to the ribbons on some Alley swirls.

The structure looks very much like the tiny red patch shown on p. 42 of Amer. Mach.-Made Marbles. Not all of them look identical to that patch, but some look extremely close, with basically only the patch color changed.

How scandalous an idea is this?

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square-ish is a good word for the patch. and so is the qualifier "usually". A few are working on some sort of bird or earflap on the side. Many are distinctly rectangular.

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Bumping with a new pic of my particular Rosenthal peewees. (And near peewees.)

I have two sets now. Green patches and blue patches. The green is most or all transparent. The blue is most or all opaque. This scan does not show the blue shade at all well. In hand the blue is much darker and richer than it is coming across on my monitor. And the white is too bright on my monitor.

But some other details come out fairly well in the scan, so here it is.


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