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All Fantasy, Right?


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Just want to get this 100% straight, and on the record ... and want confirmation before I contact the seller and tell them they're mistaken about it being vintage.

ALL the Alox armed forces packaging is fantasy?

Obviously the ones with modern Marble Kings are.

Who would you say made the mibs in here? Champion?


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A little word of caution.........

Do not try to be the marble police.

I mean come on now steph, your asking us to clarify so you can in turn tell someone else they are wrong when obviously YOU are not sure enough and have to ask yourself !

Think about it and let me know if that makes sense to you.


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I want to be completely fair. I don't want to run any risk of telling someone they don't have what they think they have and thus interfering with legitimate sales if I am wrong.

I am about as certain as I can be, and I want the facts to be on the record so that anyone who is in doubt can also be clear on the matter.

My real question here comes from the fact that these bags contain swirls. AMMM notes this as fantasy packaging but says they contain "recent Marble King".

So I simply want to nail down the facts about which variations might be out there. I want to document it. For the good of anyone who might be searching for helpful information on this in the future.

Whether or not I contact this particular seller.

I want to be fair.

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As far as I know, they are all fantasy...

A word more about what Bo said... I would never try to tell anyone NOT to contact a seller about a fantasy piece being represented as old... BUT... I will warn you that it's really a futile cause...

You could literally make a JOB out of trying to thin these (and the Atlanta marbles) out of ebay and... After a long enough time, you might actually think you've made some progress....

But, go on vacation for a week and just like dandelions.... BAMMM, they're BACK!!

I'll take this opportunity to mention again.... For the "Many-ith" time.... (And Steph, I know you know this... But, it's always worth posting...)

When contacting a seller please, PLEASE, PLEASE!! No matter what you think, always approach a seller from the viewpoint that they are ignorant of the fact that the item is new...

I know, in many cases, it's a scam artist... But, in many other cases, it's a legit dealer who has purchased these things, thinking they have made a killing... Maybe they paid a LOT for them (silly, but it happens...) Alerting them to the fact that they have been made a fool and maybe paid dearly for it, is tough enough... Accusing them of being a scam artist or fraudulent seller, on top of that, is REALLY serious salt in the wound.....

Try to be kind.....

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