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Another Movie Marble Reference :-)


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In Little Lord Fauntleroy, 1936, with Freddie Bartholomew.

The boy plays marbles with his grandfather. You get a pretty good view of them. There are some swirls, maybe a few patches and some larger white-ish marbles with a little bit of marble-ing. I think those could be jaspers.

With that date, I think the only choices for the swirls are Alleys and Ravenswoods. Right now I'm leaning toward Ravenswood.

Go get the movie and tell me what you think! LOL

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I saw a Leave It to Beaver episode where the Beaver was playing marbles with his friend Larry. Couldn't tell what kind of marbles they had. I think it was in the second season.

That would put it at 1958.

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I have two Leave It to Beaver marbles episodes on video, the one with Larry and the one with the Beav running away from home. He took his marbles along in case any hobos wanted to play. Thought of them when I saw the marbles here!

... coz I was so surprised and happy to see detail on the marbles in Little Lord Fauntleroy! in contrast to what was showing in the leave it to beaver episodes.

those were plain. I wondered if they'd gone out of their way not to seem to be endorsing any company.

Here's a video where you can recognize the maker of the featured marble!

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Guest browse4antiques

I remember seeing a movie that was supposed to be around 1900 (I think it had something to do with China), and the kids were playing with catseyes. ...Roger

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Oh, the Crackerjack commercial is great! And it was the marble that 'sold' the guy!!!

I actually remember that one! Dang, I'm old.

As a construction worker, I, too, really can't go to the video store and ask for 'Little Lord Fauntleroy'. (It's a "Man thing!")

But if the marbles there are shown as clearly as in the ad then I think you've obligated yourself to make some vid-caps!

Hee-hee!, Bob

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yeah, I love the CJ commercial.

vid-caps? That's greek to me.

But you did make me realize I might be able to view the DVD on this fancy word processor here, and maybe get a screen capture. And lo and behold I could.

Can't fine tune it like I did on the television, but this will give you an idea. smile.gif


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I remember seeing a movie that was supposed to be around 1900 (I think it had something to do with China), and the kids were playing with catseyes. ...Roger

forgive me for not LOL-ing in a timely manner at this.

I wondered if this was the King of the Hill movie ... not sure why I pictured that being set in California ... so I went in search of it to find out. Naw it wasn't it.

So, now a belated LOL. wink.gif

Little Lord Fauntleroy was set in the 1880's ... so those marbles weren't period. Well, the jaspers were.

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Wow... Every once in a while something happens that's so coincidental you figure there MUST be a reason for it... I wonder what it is????

I was doing some research on a flint glass Daisy & Button pattern bowl. When I searched auctions on ebay, look what the first item listed in ebay stores was... (The only one I could see without scrolling down...)

Little Lord Fauntleroy

Not much more than the cost of renting, with no embarrassing video store encounters!!! LOL

My search was "Flint Daisy Button"

Two actors in the movie: Daisy Belmore & Helen Flint

Plus the instructions to "click on the "Pay Now" button at the top of the item page."


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  • 2 weeks later...

Good vid-cap! If that's what an untuned single-frame looks like, the film footage must be really good.

I think I just bought that last marble that took the big hit in King of the Hill. The seller only showed it from one angle. Damn.

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I did a vid-cap?! oh boy! Still no King of the Hill. But four times Jimmy has asked me which season of the cartoon I want him to buy. He's just so hilarious.

The Kingdom. Thanks for the reminder. It's now on the must-view list.

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Recently saw/heard some 'marble' references in music, for instance, this cowboy song from 1949.


Written and recorded by Pop Eckler

INTRO: [G] Money, marbles and [D] chalk sweetheart .........

( [A7] notes to last line of chorus [D] )

There's an old [G] sayin' that's [D] been all around

I [A7] heard it before I could [D] walk

How some's got [G] health and [D] some's got wealth

Others [A7] money, marbles and [D] chalk.


I got [G] money, marbles and [D] chalk, sweetheart

But I [A7] still feel like I am [D] poor

'Cause my money won't [G] spend

And my [D] marbles won't roll

And my [A7] chalk won't write any-[D] more.

While you were here I was happy and gay

Your presence made me feel so proud

But you - left me for another one day

Now I feel alone in a crowd.


TALK: (same chord progression)

You know folks, money is a funny thing

Just like marbles, it rolls both ways; to you and from you

Strange isn't it? how all your friends will pass you by

When you havent got a dime; When you got money, hah!

There isn't enough chalk in the world to write down

The names of all of your so-called fair-weather friends

Many of us have been up and down many times

And our friends keep rolling back and forth

Just like a handful of marbles on a teeter-totter

And my [A7] chalk won't write any-[D] more.

Money, marbles and chalk is all right

For misers who love only gold

But give me a chance to save our romance

For I love you with all of my soul.

Chorus: (2x)

And Jimmy Rogers recorded a blues song called Money, Marbles and Chalk in the early 1950s (with Little Walter Jacobs on harmonica).

Lastly, the rock band Marillion put out a disc called Marbles several years ago. It features four songs with the title Marbles (I-IV). The disc jacket also has

digital images of marbles. You can find it on their website at www.Marillion.com

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