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Messing Around With The Camera...

Shamrock Marbles

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Let there be no mistake.

The Jabo's deserve all the applause they deserve!

It is good to see such enthusiasm in our hobby.

Hopefully, these endeavors will bring more people into the game of marble collecting.

As far as "limited", well...

...you only can do so much when you make one at a time! LOL!

Hope to see you in Wheaton 2009.



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Thank you everyone!

Derrick - Hang tight! I'm working on a non-Ebay angle for fixed-price sales.

I really appreciate all the purchases from everyone when I've posted on the boards.

However, answering all the emails and updating posts of who got what and what is still available was way too time consuming.

I'm sure some were frustrated to find out they what they wanted was sold long before I could update the post.



P.S. One can never use enough exclamations when expressing oneself!!!! (Bob, that's 4 for the record.)

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