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  1. Upcoming Marble Show Info.

    Getting busy getting ready for this year's West Virginia Marble Collector's show. Our Contact has a new phone number, so be sure to check it before calling for show table reservation. This year's observed manufacture presentation will be something very, very special. All details begin here (scroll down, read, click show card link for more info.): http://westvirginiamarblecollectorsclub.com/news/
  2. Y'all ever see a Jabo like this?

    Without digging them out, It is likely either Joker II, Ultra, or E.T. Crystal. Me sways to Ultra.
  3. 3 Cac Cobalt Base Guineas For Sale

    The last picture wouldn't load. Here...The worst flake is visible in this picture. PM me for more photos.
  4. 3 Cac Cobalt Base Guineas For Sale

    19/32", as found under 10x, very light pocket wear $350. 37/64", very light pocket wear and a tiny chip $325. 5/8", 3 shallow flake chips $250. They do of course have some random tiny as made dimples. All three for $850
  5. The Online Cairo Guide

    After a few discussions, David Tamulevich and I collaborated to get a pictorial guide to Cairo Novelty marbles online via-the West Virginia Marble Collector's Club web site. David's Archaeological finds, packaging and cross referencing collections have resulted in a knowledge base on the matter, second to none. Enjoy. http://westvirginiamarblecollectorsclub.com/identification/?cat=17&pg=1
  6. With A Name Like Marbledude

    Let me give credit where credit is due. I've had many blow outs with many sellers. Fortunately, many of those were willing to make amends and we are able to have civilized dealings. Dave McCullough, Rick Hall, Steve Sturtz, Russ Kasmar, and many more. If any seller thinks they have a big grievance with me, they should know they are small peanuts in comparison to the fore mentioned sellers, in spite of any and all other opinions. Yes, I've ranted. Yes, I'm a bit pissed off. Sometimes...at three in the morning, my daily perusal of ebay can be really aggravating. If I've offended anyone, I apologize. Like I said, we all make mistakes. To those who contact me when I make a mistake, thank you. To those who can take some critique, you're a gem in a field of debris. I'm always open to take the high road if we can walk it together. Happy Holidays. To the others, go on and cry to the moderators of this board.
  7. With A Name Like Marbledude

    Vintage? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Marble-Beautiful-Good-19-32-Lot-4d-I-Combine-Shipping-Buy-More-Save-/151516163943?pt=Marbles&hash=item2347112f67 '06 Jabo Inc. Classic. Of course, I'm blocked from informing this seller.
  8. Ahh, New Year's resolutions.
  9. Uncovered A Jar Of 1992 Jabo

    I've had these for a few years, but have been struggling to find the time to get my Jabo identifications up on the WVMCC Gallery. First two pictures here http://westvirginiamarblecollectorsclub.com/identification/?cat=23 Hope this helps. I believe that is 22 year old blood on the lid and label.
  10. Wvmcc 2015 Show

    Revisions to the news section of the WVMCC site, including the WVMCC 2015 show. New, old venue. http://westvirginiamarblecollectorsclub.com/news/
  11. The West Virginia Marble Collector's Club web site 'Kidz Club' section gets an update. Thanks Ron Shepherd (Treasurer), Nola Morgan (Secretary), and John Duck (Second Vice President), for your efforts. It was a pleasure to add this. http://westvirginiamarblecollectorsclub.com/kidz/?view=11&pg=1
  12. 57/64" Cac Transparent Base Elec.yellow & Orange

  13. Bic Cac Striped Transparent Revisited. Not Buffed

  14. This marble has been a learning experience for me. After a painful sleepless night, to kill time I spent the last hour closely scrutinizing this marble with both 10x and 30x magnification and have come to the conclusion that I was hasty in my assumption that it had a light buffing. It now appears there is no way it was buffed due to the as made aspects that are as original as the day it was made. All the little subtle surface imperfections found on a machine made CAC are still intact at every turn. All cut lines, smooth edged air pops and the micro valleys in the pattern are all there. I also found a scratch and very subtle scuff line, as well as some pin pricks. I did not find any sheared bubbles, or any other indication it has been buffed. My entire assumption that it was buffed was solely based on the subsurface moon/fractures with edges leading up to the surface, where some of the very thin edges were chipped. They resembled the damage remnants often found on big polished hand mades, where often the remnant is termed a 'fish hook', where only a partial moon remnant remained. There is no evidence that impact caused any of these moons/fractures with the lack of damage at the surface within the proximity of each. I'm rather baffled as to what caused them. Maybe annealing, or possibly extreme temperature shifts over its roughly 90 year life. I don't have experience with these larger examples made from Fiedler's formulas, so for all I know it could be a normal drawback. I am 100% confident the marble has not been worked on, and guarantee it. It looks shiny smooth mint at a glance. Under closer scrutiny a tiny flea bite/pin prick cluster, a sparkle and three of the moons/subsurface fractures become apparent. Under magnification two more moons become more apparent, along with some tiny pin pricks and scratch. This is a fantastic marble. Just look at the pictures. They are very revealing. I offer a money back guarantee on this marble. I have an offer of $500 from a buyer, sight unseen. Based on the rarity I feel it is worth twice that much, and you have some pictures to judge. Previous listing post here http://marbleconnection.com/topic/19464-5764-cac-transparent-base-elecyellow-orange/ I am also entertaining a trade for a mint condition Amber based Guinea, but I will need some boot. A reference, Ron Shepherd has viewed this marble in hand.
  15. 57/64" Cac Transparent Base Elec.yellow & Orange

    I'm not certain if it was dump damage, or play wear. No dirt remnants, and some areas look unbuffed, so I'm leaning toward play wear. The twin to this one didn't even look buffed, so more toward play wear. The couple who had them said they paid $10 each at an antique store! I paid considerably more (hundreds), for this one and offered nearly twice as much for the other one, but they wanted to keep the other one for now. They have my number!