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  1. Flame ID -- Alley?

    Was planning on posting all the mibs needing ID in my "I said I wouldn't buy any more with no ID, lol..." thread in the comments of that post individually... but I think each mib will get more attention if they each have their own post instead. So I'm splitting off from that thread. Each mib gets its own thread now. (There's still a blue one that needs ID in that thread, and a question about Green Ravens that I'd really like everyone's opinions on, so please check it out if you haven't yet. Thanks a bunch!) Do I have an Alley here?
  2. Also, interesting to see in that post -- since we were just talking about Corals!!! I love this thread, check this out!
  3. Score! Many thanks to Paul for directing me to that thread!!! Ding ding ding, we have a winner!!!! Looks to be one of those "cafe-au-lait" variants of the Green Ravens!!! Now, the question is -- are what folks calling "Green Ravens" today a sub-category of those "Brown-Based Emerald Green swirls"? Is the only acceptable "Green Raven" the darker variety of those brown-based emerald green swirls? Or do these cafe-au-lait variants also count as Green Ravens????
  4. AaaaAAAAHHHHhhhhh, I see!!! Gotcha. Thanks! 😊
  5. Also, on the topic of Corals... Wouldn't those colors on the one I posted above be backwards for a Coral? Aren't Corals green-based, with another color (orangey-pinkish? salmon?) swirled in? Example -- this one has been ID'ed as an Alley Coral But the one I posted in the above comment next to the Ravenswoods would be like the reverse of this one pictured here (if the colors even matched, that is! I'd call this one's swirl orange, and the one in the previous comment's base brown)... So are corals also brown/orange/salmon-BASED, with a green swirl? The reverse/inverse(?) of the one pictured here?
  6. Next up... (no comments yet on the possible Blue Skies above... still welcome!) Ravenswood? Green Raven? Coral? Went ahead and stuck it in between a Green Raven and a Blue Raven. I'm so confused, LOL.
  7. Thanks for the info!!! Wow the one Ed has up now is awesome!! EXACTLY what I'm looking for!! 😊 And, dang... I was hoping to nab a bunch of awesome mibs that manddrakes has ending tonight -- but I think I'm gonna put that money into that box instead!
  8. Hey I finally pulled out a couple of these, mainly because I got a definite Alley Blue Sky yesterday, and wanted to compare these 2 to it... Definite Blue Sky in the middle, not moving: I think the one on the right side is definitely a match! πŸ˜„ But I'm not sure about the one on the left side? How much variation in color do Blue Skies have? Oh wow I'm just now noticing that the tops of the marbles are getting cut off in that collage. Didn't even see it while making it. Whoops!!! Obviously bed time! πŸ˜‚
  9. Thanks for your help, Paul!!! πŸ˜„ I really appreciate it! And dang I have got to get me some Alley flames like those you posted... 😍 Beauties!!! The ones I have are mostly like: "1... 2... 3... ummm... *rolls marble slightly* ...ok, 4! I can count 4 tips from this side! That makes it a flame, right?!" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  10. Orange & white was questioned by completely random person that messaged me on FB after seeing this pic -- I just sent him the collage pics from my previous comment up there of the whole marble... (instead of just the one view from this group photo), and now he says nevermind he thinks it's definitely CAC!!!🀣 Larry Alley questioned the blue and yellow one (which blue & yellow one? I dunno!) -- after seeing this photo, PLUS the individual collages of each one:
  11. I plan on bringing it (well, all of them) to the next show I attend, to gather opinions.... I've had one person question one of the blue & yellow ones (but didn't specify which one, I have 2... didn't respond to me asking which one he meant, either), and now someone else is questioning this orange & white. So, worth having folks take a look at them! Was hoping to make the Canton show (well, in-room -- can't make the show itself), but not sure if I can yet.
  12. Awesome pics, thanks Paul! Appreciate it! But dang I was really hoping those loops (I can't help from thinking they look like spider legs, LOL, and keep calling them "spider legs" in my head!) would help point to one maker over another. Doesn't really look like they can do that, though... I'm asking mainly because I have someone questioning whether this one is really CAC, or if it might be Alley instead. I was hoping those "spider legs" would be an ID-able trait.
  13. Question in picture form ~ Well maybe that's not quite right, "characteristic" -- as I only see it on a few of my 8 CAC flames, not all. Could flames of ANY company produce a similar structure/pattern? Or do we ONLY see this on CACs? I'm particularly interested in seeing really fancy Alley flames to compare. I have a few Alleys that count as flames, but NOTHING like CAC flames, and I know there are Alleys out there with amazing flames like CAC. Is this structure on Alleys as well? Pics wanted, please! Thanks folks!
  14. How Is The Weather Where You Live Today?

    I think I'm onto something, here... πŸ€” I had 2 new CAC πŸ”₯flamesπŸ”₯ arrive in the mail yesterday. I've had high temps of below freezing for the last solid week. And now this... πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ It's a HEAT WAVE!!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ APPARENTLY, I just need to have CAC flames shipped to me whenever I want the snow to melt for a few days!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ The flames are melting this snow away, yeehaaaw!!!
  15. New Marbles Which Sort Of Look Old

    As a newbie still... I saw a pic of Kelly Schmidt's (Schmidtglass) work -- a box set of striped opaques and guineas -- and TOTALLY thought they were CAC! (I also don't have any CAC guineas or stripes of any sort to compare to yet, so there's that...) But I just got one of his guineas in the mail yesterday ~ Backlit: I think I'll need to get a striped from him eventually, too! Anyway... yeah that box set really threw me! Couple screenshots of the set that threw me, from a public FB group -- didn't realize "Set #2" meant a set that he actually MADE!!!! Had thought it was a CAC set he just put together to sell... I was mistaken! And then I found out, no no no, he actually made those marbles! πŸ˜„ And another box set of his I saw later after I joined his FB group. Super cool!!!