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Popeyes are tri-onyx agates.

I believe the specials area to be a miscellaneous compartment. One which Akro could fill with whatever marbles they thought might interest buyers -- could be experimentals, could be top of the line, could be just extras they wanted to push for some reason.

I have yet to see a special box or compartment filled with tri-color corks. I've seen some with some tri-colored corks, but never 100%. And I think usuallly not tri-colors at all.

I wrote to someone who may have seen as much specials packaging as anyone alive and he said there was no rhyme or reasoning to the packaging.

On the other hand we know Akro sold three-color corks under the name tri-color agate. Even corks with 3 non-white colors -- what we call lifesavers were in the ad introducing tri-color corks.

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Seems pretty correctly filled all around. Of course it has the correct Aces. :-)

One cool thing is that it appears to have at least four of the five original prizename combos.


The line which would be blue/maroon seems not quite 'perfect' but it is clear that Akro quickly expanded after they announced their first five colors.

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I'm pinning this one because I just love this box so much. (Not my box! pix were donated)

Here's another thread I posted at the same time with a later sample case, If You Can Handle A Little More Akro. I don't want to pin it because the pinned section is starting to get quite long. I'll settle for a link.

Actually there were quite a few more cool box photos and some ads which I was privileged to post around the same time, many Akro but also some others. They might be in the archives, or in the study hall. If not in one or the other, I will move them when I next come across them. :-)

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