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Persian Blue Eagle (jabo)


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Thanks, Jo! He's awfully serious. Sometimes he wishes he could be more like yours.

Mary, I have no idea how you manage to see the things you do, but please keep it up! It's a gift appreciated by others. Thought of that shot as an ID photo, but now I like it!

Hey, Edna! Is the the marble you're talking about? Bob :)

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Hey, Edna! Is the the marble you're talking about?

Holy Smolies!!!! I've had a fairly "passive" interest in these runs... Some are cool, some... well, they just don't "sing" to me....

THAT has my attention!!!!! :D

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The Eagles were a very succesful run! Lots of variety and very colorful combinations. One of the top special runs in my opinion. Plus, they will be on an upcoming episode of "Dirty Jobs" with host Mike Rowe

I don't sell on ebay, and have posted on the boards that I have them available at very realistic prices, yet not one person responded to me through the boards!

I was selling them at the Indy show and they sold like hotcakes! I will also be selling them this coming week at New Philly.

If you want to purchase some, simply contact me.

I traded some with Edna through the mail, and she can assure you of the quality.

I will not be online next week because I will be running the New Philly show. You can reach me before monday or after Feb. 7th at [email protected]

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