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Ot / Fimo Penguin


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This work is amazing to me. Artist Jon Anderson. They are made of polymer clay. This is the momma penguin and her baby.




Here is the description of how they are made.

The images and patterns are all created by Jon’s hand. He begins by laying canes or blocks of different colors of clay next to each other, starting from the center of the design and working outward, creating a number of visual borders around the original image. Each of these illustrations in clay is the size of a large loaf of bread when first constructed, and the loaf is then stretched to double its length and cut in half. This process is repeated over and over, each time reducing the actual size of the original image or illustration by half until the final cross section is the size of a small coin. The small canes are then thinly sliced into intricate tiles using a surgical scalpel.

Beautiful and intricate in person.


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I believe this can be "kinda, sorta" "Marble Related" because, I think (I may stand corrected) that the techniques for the patterns in these figures is very similar to the glass technique of making Murrine / Murrini glass canes... There are marbles made in this substance.

Here's Jon's website

Thanks Carole!!

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Wow! Weldon collects Native American fetishes. About 4 years ago we went north of Phoenix after the marble show, way up in the mountains and found a great shop. I bought fetishes for him and could not resist this. It sits on the shelf with his carved fetishes. One of the neat things is that these animals come in a hand made paper box. With a fimo clay piece on the box.



It's a wonderful horned toad.


Here is a dorsal view.


And a ventral view. (Just could not resist using my biologist training) LOL

They are beautiful from any direction.


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