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Can You Help Me On This One..


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I'm getting back into selling my marbles that I have had for years.

I have sold many clay marbles over the years..

I never had as many problems with buyers in the past, but now it's terrible.

Here is my auction:

clay marbles

and this is what they say:

"the marbles I won were suppose to be antique. that means there should be some wear on them. i would like to have the ones I won"

what I do?

I has sent the exact marbles in the listing?



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The ones in the picture look worn to me.

Of course antique clay marbles are not always worn. However, those do look worn, so I don't understand either what your customer is unhappy about.

I have no idea if reporting anything to ebay will help you avoid a negative feedback.

And if you get an unreasonable negative feedback, I don't know if there is a way to protest it. I'd like to know because I'd like to get back to selling and what I've been hearing about ebay has sorta scared me.

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Thank you Bob.

that helps me feel better..

to try not to get a negative feedback is a lot of work..

Is there new clays being made now?

I'm thinking of sending him back an email like this..

"You got me confused?

I had send you the exact clay marbles

in the listing.

They are vintage and in great condition?

so not sure what the problems is?

I have vintage clay marbles that has more

wear/damages.. I can send them to you instead.

Just send them back.. plus extra for shipping back other marbles.

let me know."

Does this sound ok?

Thanks again for you help..

but I tell you some of these new buyers

are taking advantage of ebay's new policies..

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Hi Ness,

I don't see what you have to cry about.....Your auction is accurate, shipping is more than reasonable, and the customer recieved what he bid on.....

Your auction does state...."Sold as-is" and I would kindly point that out to him when replying. Your email to him sounds more than kind to me....

I no longer sell on Ebay because it is much too easy for the seller to get harrassed like this. I can understand your concern over getting a negative rating, but If it were me I'd be sticking to my guns unless I made a gross mistake...

send him the email and if he still isn't happy then refund his money, less shipping when he returns your marbles.....Just my opinion..


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What Duffy said...refund their $2.59, then block him/her from bidding.

Post their ebay ID here so that other ebay sellers can block them.

By the time ebay/paypal hits you up for this, you've probably lost money anyway.

ANYONE that complains about a $2 ebay purchase is obviously warped.


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My last email from seller..

I know what I had sent.. and I watch what I sent out and make sure that my customers

get the right marbles.. this is turning into a joke...

Dear ness,

The marbles I won were a group of six larger marbles. they are supposed to be antique .That means that it should show signs of wear.

The marbles you sent, in the yellow envelope, are new! The purchase I made from you is the only marble purchase I have made in the last few weeks. I have only made one other marble purchase, I recieved that order and it was exactly what I ordered. Please send me the ones I ordered and I will return the ones I recieved from you in error. 2new2u

On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 3:27 PM, eBay Member: ness2

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I hear your frustration. I would also just refund the sales price only & tell him to keep the marbles.

At that point if you get a negative you can respond w full refund was issued. No-one will hold that against you.

Some Ebay buyers you cannot make happy no matter what you do.


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