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Anybody Selling A Pearlized Patch?


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I do have some and I would sell one if the offer is right. Send me an email at marblemender.neb.rr.com. I may not answer your email right away as I must run a route where I have donation contains at various business here in York. The donations are for York-Adopt-A-Pet. I won't bore you with all the details. ----Leroy----

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MarbleAlan recently sold quite a few on ebay. They went fairly cheap IMHO. They are around and available.

Marble Alan listed those as dug and they looked it - thats why they went cheap.

Getting ahold of one that is nearly flawless is almost impossible if you ask me.

I have only found this one is years and years of keeping an eye out for one.

Here it is -


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Sounds like you've connected and got what you're after already but you might want to consider an especially interesting one that I have. It is a Pearlized Whitie! Yup! Not a patch but clearly one of the whities with a full blown green pearlized

wrap-around just like a whitie should. I'm bringing it to Amana. Rare in this particular Peltier marble design. Couldn't help talking about it. Only seen the one in 20 years! David Chamberlain

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Sorry. I am presently just borrowing computer time from my friend Dr. Jan. My inherited iBook G4 turned out to be worn out and the new HP Color LaserJet 4 in 1 I bought has been in and out of the shop three times in the past two months. I'll be getting a new Mac LapTop/Notebook right after Amana and hopefully iron out the HP matter but right now I'm imageless. Don't think I've even ever taken a pic. of this marble. Maybe catch you later......David

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