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The Real Ringer.

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IMHO (and in the more educated opinion of some others):

the original imperials were silver oxbloods. After that many different, premium types of Akros were distributed in the Imperial boxes. Perhaps the originals didn't go over as well as had been hoped and there were surplus boxes.

I posted a number of examples recently, and the letter introducing them. I think I have at least one more example. My plan was to gather everything together and post them all at once somewhere, sometime, when I could approach it systematically. Here's a draft of the post.

(click to enlarge)

th_akroimperialadp1.jpg . . . . . . . . th_akroimperialadp2.jpg . . . . . . . . th_akroimperialadp3.jpg

th_1929_01_23_AkroImperialFromAd.jpg th_MVC-010S1.jpg th_MVC-011S.jpg th_Imperial_Craig_mc7055_b.jpg th_AkroImperials_TricolorVersion-2.jpg

The 2nd to last box was Craig's but this is the marble Craig calls an Imperial. He had it for sale in December:


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What's an Imperial?

These are some nice Imperials I purchased from Roger Hardy last month. He found them (and some other very nice marbles) in a private stash at a former Akro employee's home.


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