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Still Don't Think It's Akro

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The bottom never looked particularly Akro to me but it's starting to look more so.

With that clear, slightly bubbly base, and light wispiness, the top does look Akro. The bottom also seems to have the wispiness. The main thing which puzzles me is that pale orange. That's a weird color. (If it's actually pale yellow, that would be more in my realm of experience. is it pale yellow?)

'Course I'd feel better all around if I had a good handle on both ends of the ribbons on both of the mibs. I guess I'm seeing one end on each? but not clearly. Would be looking for hints of corky structure.


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After what I saw yesterday from the collection of the ICE brothers, dug from 40 feet underground at the Akro factory site - they do look akro. I saw marbles I would have sworn were vitro, marble king, and I don't knows. They were all akro. Some had gorgeous "V's" on one side. Some were swirls and some were patches. Edna

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Putting the pattern aside for a moment (since so much dug Akro has surfaced...and dug examples seldom follow conventional pattern) - the glass appears consistent with Akro. AD's comment about it being similar to Popeye glass combos is accurate.

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