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Blue Bee Or Not Blue Bee ???

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I emailed seller to explain what a Blue Bee really was.

This is his reply. He does have a return policy.


I am appreciative of your knowing comments about this offering. It has NO WHITE in it that I can see, just the shades of blue, light to dark and while I am not familiar with the term 'aventurine' I must assume it is the yellowish green that you are mentioning. If my photo is showing any white on your computer, then either my camera is off a little or you computer is. I have another just like it but the colors are in a different pattern from this one and it has nothing I could call white. I know that I am talking to one of the masters on marble ID and I know so very little that perhaps I am in over my head, but to say that I continue to believe it is called what I have named it and attempted to describe, though I could not use the word 'aventurine' in my description. I have had contact with one who has been collecting for over 20 years who readily admits that to this day he has some difficulty recognizing exactly what a marble really is at times. I am not disagreeing with you since I am beholden to your offer of clarification, it has given me the venue to allow all bidders(?) to connect with some of the problems with attempting to sell marbles without the years of experience to fall back on. Certainly you will not find any attempt to mislead anyone and my refund for "not as described" still holds. Anyone who is disappointed in my offering by my inability to describe is certainly welcome to take full advantage of the refund. I try to be honest to a fault, really just an old guy who is doing one of the things he is somewhat capable of doing.

I hope this causes you to l@@k again at my photos (smile)

Thank you again,







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I believ that is a MK Golden Boy. A Golden boy is on a transparent base. It usally takes backing lighting to see it! I have about ten of them. Mine do not have as much white on them and some times the blue and yellow can different in color brightness.

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Jillian Spence has at least one on her page, but she calls them blue boys. i have some too--all dug, and Windy is right--they have a transparent base which is hard to see unless they're back-lit.

here's Jillian's pic item32m.jpg from her site at www.marblequeen.com, where she says "This is an experimental made between 1959 and 1964 but never marketed."

as for the seller's other marbles, i would not call them what he does.

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OK now here is a picture of some Goldenboys that I sold for a very good price a couple years ago. As you notice there is NO white at all.

I think that the one at question may be a blue boy, But I am not sure.

Yes it must be transparent with veneered on colors as the ones in my pic are.


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I started a similar thread a couple weeks ago when an ebay seller had a translucent base rainbo with blue ribbons up for bid that he was calling a Blue Bee. Starting bid was supposed to be around $30. I sent him a photo of a Blue Bee and he still kept the auction going. I don't think this is the same guy although he too said he didn't know what aventurine is.

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I do not know if the just does not know marbles or is being very "Creative" with his titles.

In such a case he is not the first or the last to do so.

I give him credit for adding the Q&A to his listing. Money back guarantee is also positive.


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