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Joseph's Trip To Reno, Ohio

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Weldon and I took Joseph on a spring break trip to Washington, D.C. David McCullough was running industrial marbles at JABO and we got permission to take him to watch the marbles being made. We could never take him to one of our runs because of school. We wanted him to see the marble machines run so we got David's permission. Following are pics of an 8 year old having the time of his life.


Joseph holding a hot marble after learning how to pick the over sized ones off the rollers.


Picking broken pieces off the trays


Another over sized one


Hot marble!


David McCullough helping Joseph learn


Russ Meaux helping Joseph. Joseph thought the cup for the tongs was the trash can for oversized marbles at this point. When he learned what the cup was for, he picked all the marbles out and put them in the marble trash.


When Joseph stood in the chair to be able to see and reach the marbles, one of us always had hold of him.


When we got to JABO we found out that Steve Smith, Russ Casmar, Tom Jinks, and Lee Linne had finished their run and were dividing the marbles. This is Tom Jinks with Joseph


Joseph, Weldon, and David McCullough


Smitty gave us some marbles from the run and this is a few of them in Joseph's hands. I don't know the name of Smitty's run. They got some pretty ones.


a few more of the marbles

Thanks to Smitty's group for coming over to the shop to say hello and thanks Smitty for the marbles.


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He has been hooked for a long time. We started him on marbles as soon as it was safe to give him something small enough to swallow. He loves all marbles. Our son wants the Robert L. Hamon collection. Joseph, like his Grammy wants everything. He loves vintage machine mades, hand made contemps, new machine mades. His father likes antique hand mades. Between the two of them, they just about cover our collection. I think it's very sad when there are no family members to leave the marbles to and they get sold. I feel pretty comfortable that Joseph and his father will want ours. Edna

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Edna, I agree about wondering what will happen to my marbles when I am gone! I have 5 grandkids and I have been trying to make a nice collection for each one! Three of them love marbles and we have marbles we can play with and others just to look at. The 2 other one are just to young! I am also trying to organize and lable so they would know what they are and how much I paid for them. So they have some idea! But in the mean time I have left little notes with Marble Alans name that says he could help you if something happens to me! I did talk to a few people at a show and I think most of us have had this topic come up one time or another. Al had told me about some software that is pretty cool, where you can add pictures and make your own fields for information! That might work the best! LOL, Windy

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