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Griff, Don't Look Now But You Gotta Bite !!!

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Muhahahah, it's time to start slaying some fish in my neck of the woods, bait tank is fully stocked with some fresh Shad, Fresh Crappie, Fresh Stone Rollers ( otherwise known as fresh water mullet ) and some War Mouth Blue Gills. And yes the Shad are a pain to keep alive, but it's really a simple fix, put them in a round bait tank and they won't beat there nose off :D

Big Blues are being stocked locally, but i want to hit some rivers this year, i was thinking of heading over to Ron's area, or maybe the James River, wheres some good spots for Flat heads and Blues Griff ??

Some pics i thought i would share of last years catches...






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Holy maccaroni and cheese,batman!!

Thats a dirty trick,giving me the fishings fever!

I dont have many hot spots on the Ohio,other than at Hannibal locks,in New Martinsville,specificaly,under the bridge,and in the race way at the dam.

Hmmmmm,James river-----Just up from the ferry,bellow James town campground is about the only place I wet the lines down there.Cant go ther without hitting up,Captain Georges seafood buffet.

(Im usualy good for 7 plates there!)

I cant wait for may to come around.I got a "schedule",to die for.It goes like this:

Come to Cairo for the marble festival,

spend the week in Paden City,with my buddy Scott,

Back down to Vienna,for the marble show,then home for 2 days.

Next up,off to Brimfield Mass.,for the week long antique show,

followed up with the South Portland Maine,marble show.

Its possible,I might slip in some bottom fishing,for haddock and cod,out there in that "perfect storm",area.

And to finish it up,an extreme case of "fillet and release",in N.H.

I wonder if my fishing buddy Jeff is going to get "The Miracle Sickness".You know the one,were he gets to work,and falls ill,and has to go home,but shows up at the dock,healthy as a horse,and ready to do some slaying.---LOL

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Griff,the sauger and walleye are just moving up to the dam. I live one mile (by road) from the Belleville dam on the Ohio. Some good old big ones,catfish in the Ohio here. But they can get picky and smart. The stripers and bass should be hitting by the time of the Cairo and WVMCC show times. I wish that i had time to fish as i once did. Maybe it will return someday soon.

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bout the only time i saw them big cats are pay lakes and farm ponds....the biggest round here come outta the muskingum at the dam at devula.....on the ohio river go to the heads of the islands and hit the deep holes.......the big cats rouind here love the rotton liver and dough balls....only time we use the big minnies are on trout lines.....in the wild 25-35 lbs but none of them 50lbders except in stocked ponds and pay lakes....griff you go to the heasd of paden island where that tower crosses the river theres a hole there that fishes real good......anythings possioble the rivers been cleaned up in the past 20 years....when i was a kid the river was really polluted by the chemical plants and coal mines....

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Well,you know Im gonna be out there for the week,between the marble festival,and the show.

Might have to get you to "show" me,a couple spots,down your way,Ron.(Ill have an extra rod).

You can be my "guide",but I can only pay you with alley's.Is that OK?---LOL

Ill check ot that spot you mentioned Duffy.I know where that is but didnt fish it----yet.

Its been years since I was at Kentuky Lake.Some nice geod hunting on some of the cliffs.

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Well, we went all friggin weekend, and caught maybe 3 fish in two days, im wore out and still thawing out from the cold, they stocked 2600 pounds of big blues and no hits on big fresh cuts of shad ???? im at a loss for words LOL

We started at Catfishermans Paradise on Friday, caught 2 in the twenties nothing big, then went from there around 8 am to Tanglewood and caught 0 notta zip ! all in all a fun but fishless trip :(

Ok i take that back we caught about 15 crappie but those went in the bait tank :lol:

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LMAO !!!!!! Griff, i absolutely slay the flat heads on crappie, plus these aren't big enough to eat but perfect for bait, just under hand sized :D

Theres a guy here locally who has a nice pond that he stocked crappie in a long time ago and they are HUGE big enough to eat, and appear to be a lot blacker than the ones we caught yesterday, not sure if there a different breed or what, plus we go over to Brookville, IN when we want to stock up on Crappie for a fresh fish fry !

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