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Does Anyone Know Newlondonoh ? Billy?

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You've received a question about your eBay item, JABO marbles..."2008 JABO Classics: the Experimentals"‏

From: eBay Member: newlondonoh ([email protected])

Sent: Sun 4/26/09 5:09 PM

To: [email protected]

This member has a question for you.

Do not respond to the sender if this message requests that you complete the transaction outside of eBay. This type of offer is against eBay policy, may be fraudulent, and is not covered by buyer protection programs. Learn More.

Dear psia-antique,

Steve I would love to read your book but don't have the money to buy one will you sent me one Jim king said he will send me one of his when it is ready should be ready for the W V SHOW WOULD LIKE TO READ BOUGTH OF THEM TO SEE WHO HAS THE BEST ONE THANK YOU BILLY

- newlondonoh Answer the question

JABO marbles..."2008 JABO Classics: the Experimentals"

Item Id: 190299427591

End time: May-07-09 04:34:16 PDT


newlondonoh (603 )

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I haven't sent anything free,if i didn't even have a full name. What is the shipping address ? Is someone stirring the pot ? It was almost down to a simmer,no fear the boil will come back with heat. Another book,GREAT,i will be looking hard for it at the WVMCC show. Put me on the list for one. I do not own a marble book that has not been a useful aid for me. Congratulations to anyone and all who has ever attempted and completed any marble book.

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It is sad that that this Joker isn't man enough to sign his own name when asking for something for nothing.

I will post under a separate thread a small piece from my book "2008 JABO Classics: the Experimentals." It is entitled "Children in a Candy Store."

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its just shows the mental abilities of some of those people...like going from california to ohio just to "find" the truth....those 2 are made for each other...they are like snickering children smokin cigaretts behind the barn...some day their baloon will burst but they continue to say things and do things to stir the pot and keep their marbles in the topic....i cant imagine that others dont see it...

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Will it ever end? The 'Billy' pseudonym was totally transparent and and a lame attempt to cast aspersions.

Totally typical of gutless posting. As for Jim King's book that's an entirely separate matter and something to

look forward to. All marble book contributions gladly received. Heck, I even plugged a Block book in a

post today! - David Chamberlain

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Marie, you googled up Steve Sturtz and no, he hasn't done anything wrong. Someone else has though. Newlondonoh sent him the email and signed it Billy. His name is really Rick Hall. It was a cheap shot at Steve. Edna

sorry bout that Edna, guess i should keep my mouth shut. the first time though i got someone from Micro-Soft, lmao


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