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Banned At Marble King Of America

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Yes! I have been banned. It's rather laughable considering I've never posted on the Board. And it's all the more bewildering because in the past two days I've received a threatening email and a harassing email challenging me to some sort of discourse from Scott Patrick without any personal contact on my part.

Truly it belittles oneself and you should be ashamed to even participate on his marble board which revels in profanity and libel and traffics on the name of one of the two remaining venerable American marble companies.

David Chamberlain

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I can't understand why anyone would deliberately want to destroy their own reputation for no apparent reason. Knock it off, already, Scott. You're also destroying the value of my SP collection.

(And I don't read it.)

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Im banned too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--------Didnt even get the chance to man up,for my own misteak,oops,mistake.He knew it was coming.I guess He just couldnt handle a healthy dose of his own medicine,either.

Id have to say,over there,the conversion from the First Amendment crusade,to a dictatership was overnight,but it never realy had anything to do with the first amendment in the first place.

It wouldnt suprise me if he already did some editing over there too.

Oh,by the way,he has a number of "phantom" id's,for this board.

Now I can go back to having fun with marbles and friends.I hope I dont find any more goodies this weekend!!

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That is funny. He banned me too several months back after I had found out it wasn't the place for me. Then I read where he stated he had not banned anybody. How many does that make who are banned at the freedom of speech place? I think I was banned the week the link was posted on this board. That gives me the dubious honor of being the first banned.

This board is really the place to be. This is really about marbles.


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