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Buffed And Polished Marbles - Picture

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I thought I would post a picture of a marble which I know has been buffed, for reference. You can tell it's been buffed by the way the white whispy glass is not all connected, if you understand what I'm saying.

It's a very nice marble, but I like to know when I'm buying a buffed or polished marble, doesn't hurt to spread the knowledge. The seller listed it as a buffed marble, so I wasn't duped, I bought it to use as a reference.

Does anyone else have any good pictures of buffed/polished marbles? Or have any other tell-tale signs?

Thanks, -Jess


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This is a fine example and also a patently obvious example. Often the buffing is much more subtle anywhere from rubbing over Levi jeans during a half hour TV sitcom to a felt attachment to a small Rotary Power Tool. As far as I've gone is the Levis route and often just to make the baby shine. The marble shown above is a walking (Oops, rolling) example of anything but subtlety. I'm sure elsewhere guidelines for determining buffing or polishing status have been posted but I'll see what I can put together as the most salient features to look for. It mostly comes with practice and a 10x and a good Mag-Lite. And anyone who cares to jump into this thread is I'm sure welcome. David

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I do have some polished Pelts that a friend was kind enough to share with me awhile back. I'll dig em out this morning and get some shots in. They do have a very strange appearance.

I have a few handmades that I might like to see polished, but still not sure about it yet. -Jess

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