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"indian" Marble On Ebay?


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Wish I was clever enough just to paste a link here, but I'm not, so check out an "Indian" on ebay that the seller (oas3) swears is antique, just - - - remarkably preserved. Ebay # 310152902923. He even says "you're going to think this is contemporary, but it's not." Am I crazy? Anybody ever seen a genuine old indian that looked like this??



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We do not collect antique hand mades, so I'm really not an authority. I have a contemporary Indian by Fred Wilganoski from Texas. Here's what it looks like.




Fred doesn't put pontils on his.

Having said that..... not being a collector of these i really don't know what the pontils should look like on an antique one. the pontils on the ebay one look to me like crystal glass. Did the Indians have an outer layer of crystal glass? could those pontils have been added to a Wilganoski marble to make it look old? Or is that really old? Edna

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Did anybody go to the number that Ann posted? I did and saw a marble that looked like the one I posted above. It took me a while to do the pics, upload, and post over here. By the time I had it done, Alan had posted a link. I followed it and i see a different marble. I went back to Ann's number and it doesn't come back up but has the pic that Alan's link took me too. Has the seller put up a bad pic and replaced it?

the one that is posted now also looks wilganoski to me. ???????

the marble in the new pic does not have pontils on it that stick out and look like crystal glass roughed up.

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