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The New Forum Look


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The old forum had a feature I used all the time - to find and view new posts . This one does not that I can see. It has a "View New Content" button, but it only displays threads I have never looked at since the move (5741 of them). Once I view a thread, it never again shows up in "View New Content", no matter how many posts appear afterward. If I reply in a topic, and somebody else replies after me, I want to be able to see that.

Yes I know I can find my posts under my account, then inspect each one to see if there is a later reply. The old forum "View new posts" made that much easier. Am I missing something?

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I'm having a similar problem with the new content button. I didn't notice it at first because it gave me a couple of new threads. Later I realized it didn't give me all the threads which had been responded to since my last log in.

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go to your Profile (upper right of screen) and select My Settings from the little triangle/drop-down list.

then select the Forums tab and make sure there is a check in front of "Watch every topic I reply to"


Thanks Paula. That will help.

It appears I am forced to slog through all the forums to keep on top of things though. I don't reply to every interesting post, and occasionally a post becomes interesting some time after my first view. The old forum "View new posts" feature was nice while it lasted.

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