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:computer-18: Wake Up!!!! LOL

Great show, hospitality was unsurpassed. Some nice marbles..held the famous red indian but Tom didn't take American Express. Tom's a great guy and sold some nice mibs. I was waiting for Ernie and Dani to post, think they will be home tomarrow. Just wanted to thank Ernie for everything....c-ya in Seattle in July. Steve

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hi all, made it back(darn!) Had a blast.. as always!

our daughter Amy got married Saturday as well. Sure was great to see evrybody!

Lee, and Connie and Windy attended the wedding with us all in the limo. that was a kick!

Got some great marbles, had a fantastic time and gained a son in law all in one trip.. and oh yeah, gambled in sin city... And past that.. well Ya know the saying... what happens in Vegas............... :party-243:

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I took a lot of pictures of the show! But I am having a lot of problems with my cp right now! Trying to email Dani the pictures! My email is trying to restore everything. But I was able to get this picture thru hotmail from Dani! This picture is the best anyways! It was an honor to attend!!!!! Mr.& Mrs. Bell


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Your welcome Dani! I was just happy that I was able to post it! It took me about 20 minutes! Something terrible is wrong with my email! But still trying to get more pictures to you Dani! It was so cute to see how calm Amy was! Because daddy was a wreck! Al I really missed you at the show! Hope to see you there next year! Or maybe at the Anaheim show in March I think? I will try to post more pictures soon. Here is another picture of the happy couple and me!


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Vegas was my first show and I had a great time meeting all the dealers and marble freaks such as myself. I also picked up some nice marbles. Blue Panther, first one I've ever seen for ourtight sale. Some nice mica items from Bill and Tom. Just a great group and am waiting for next year with some stops planned on the way. Oh, and I got a nice snot.

Jeff Wichmann

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I have finally got all the pictures from the show emailed to Dani! She will be posting on their website and I believe here also! But in the mean time here are some of the marbles I pick up from the show! Also wanted to thank Ernie, Dani, and Lee for all their hard work putting this show all together! But it sure is a fun show! Thanks guys!

This is my first Lutz! I liked it because it has stripes of periwinkle blue along the side of the lutz. Periwinkle blue is my favorite color! It was really hard to captured in pictures!




Peltier Rebel


Popeye I liked the size 11/16


Chocolate Ox corkscrew


Those came from Ernie and Dani! Thanks guys!

I love this cork that I got from Mike Close!


Some Peltiers


Two Master Sunburst



Some Marble Kings



Jabo Rainbo's




Those are the only ones that I have taken pictures of as yet! Now I got to get some work done! If I want to buy more marbles!!!

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ROFL, thanks Sue, still trying to catch up..... wish they could have stayed in vegas as long as we did. they flew back the next day and back to work! we stayed up on the strip after the show for a few more days. it was such a nice 80 degrees during the day... did I mention I hate winter?! I did get some stuff posted on the main website page... past events coming in the next day or so, which will show a bunch more pictures! it was a whirlwind week!


yep dad was a wreck, and I tried not to cry... well maybe a little...


here's a little goodie I picked up....


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