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Ebay To Increase Fees March 30


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Ebay says it is lowering fees, but in reality it isn't. Most of the rate changes apply only to people that have stores. Lot's of irate sellers on the forums at eBay. Like this one:

"Ebay's MASSIVE rate hike

Ebay DID NOT lower their fees.

This is how they FRAMED their massive Fee increase. Some sellers are going to be seeing a 141% fee increase. The majority of sellers received a 15% increase.

They sent out a wonderful little email today, and must've thought the people that sell on Ebay were to stupid to click on the links. Not this lady.

Their stock went up because Ebay found a way to make millions - by screwing over the people that sell on their site.

Expect a massive exodus from Ebay. The boards are buzzing and the sellers are IRATE!

This was the most IDIOTIC business move possible. Yes, they will make alot more money at the beginning, but once sellers realize what had happened, Ebay will LOSE in the end."



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There is an alternative which a lot of little sellers will choose -- not sell. Not sell anywhere.

I used to sell on ebay and know I need to get back to bringing some money in. But everytime I think I'm about ready to brave the Bay again, something like this happens.

I imagine a "lot" of small sellers will just decide it is not worth the hassle. Stuff will go back to the attic or to Goodwill. But how much is a "lot"? Ebay has probably factored that into their revenue projection models and decided they can make it without the little sellers they are squeezing out.

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This is The Email I received...

Dear Ebay Seller:

Starting March 30, 2010 selling on eBay will be a better deal than ever!

* List Auction-style FREE--no Insertion Fees--when you start your Auction-style listing under $1.

* Get new, lower Insertion Fees for all other start prices.

* Either way, pay one easy Final Value Fee of 9% of the winning bid (but never more than $50)-and pay only if your item sells.

* List in Fixed Price for 50ยข, with Final Value Fees for the most part staying the same.

This new standard fee structure will replace the current "first 5 listings free"--you'll pay no Insertion Fees whenever you list Auction-style and start pricing under $1!*

Get complete details on the new eBay fees and get ready to SELL!


eBay Seller Team

GET READY...Sellers can list up to (100) 99 cent marbles for free...Per Month

I expect a flood of cheap junk.


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there are some alternatives -



are two I can think of off the top of my head (although I haven't had any sales) I also sell on eBay (but have never sold a marble..yet?) and have 8000+ feedback, and I get the feeling it's almost over, did one toy show last week (didn't sell any marbles, cause no one collects them except me in NJ :)) and had 1990's sales, so it might be time to go back on the show circuit. IMHO

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ok, when i had my toy store we rarely sold very much. we went to toy shows and made a bundle. always did. ebay is a way to keep out in the public but nothing to make a living on. so was my toy store. shows were the thing. and we always had a summer full of shows and since i lived in CA we had them down there in the winter. all the time. DAMN it was the most fun and we met some of the nicest people. just like marbles. what i sold a lot of was hotwheels and farm toys and a few classic cars and biiiig trucks well most everything we had..... fun fun fun.


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i just went and glanced through the two places that pop had there and i think that we could get used to these places with a little adjustment. someone needs to investigate all about them but i do believe they would make a good alternative. and you can tell all your friends and their friends etc etc. they have everything just like ebay etc. check it out.


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