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Well Gang, Take A Look

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My first design got rejected because i had the jabo name on it, they so lack vision,, , not sure this will pass either but it is a cool looking car huh?,,if it passes i'll post a link so everyone can vote on it,,, thanks Bo for the pictures i asked for,,,, bj





looks good enough to be a hotwheels car. even better than some of theirs. your good at that my big handsome wonderful friend. :)

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BJ, that is really kewl.

Is that for the NASCAR "Weekend of Your Dreams' sweepstakes design contest?

you can count on my vote if you'll take me with ya :)

well i can guarantee you one thing, one of the prizes is to ride in a car, and as much as i want to, i highly doubt if ide get one leg through the window :) ,,yes toyota contest, but im not even approved yet and one car thats up there has over 5000 votes,, it was fun designing it,, if anything, ill print out the pics and hang them up, anyone can design one, just go to toyota .com,, thanks everyone,, bj

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