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German Handmade Oxblood - Egg Yolk

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I also have a beat-up one I found at a flea market, which is egg yolk, bright blue and oxblood. This is for sale if anyone is interested. Condition isn't great (maybe 7.0 or less on a scale of 10), but it's a full inch in size, very colorful and amazingly rare.


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This is such an "eye-opener" and in more ways than one! They are just fantastic!! Thanks for sharing and I hope we can see even more.

Very enjoyable.

And I'll just sit back and watch from this point on and just let the thread roll where it wants - if I can restrain myself.

Jim :D

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I'd have to find them to tell for sure, Andrea... But, I think their both right around 1", or maybe a teeny bit bigger??

There seems to be a "usual" size for this type and they are both right around it. It's just the pictures that make them look different.

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