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Adventurine In Antique Stained Glass

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Check out the load of adventurine that was used in this antique green glass. I repaired 3 panels for some homeowners in my town. The house is probably circa 1890's thru 1910. I've never seen rolled glass with this much adventurine in it. I would love to have a few sheets of the stuff!




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There are 3 panels that hang on the front porch entry way. I am pretty sure they are original to the house. There is another larger rectangle window above the door that has the same motiff. The first picture is what you would want to see if you were looking at it. The back side does not have the sparkle like the front side. I'm not sure how they accomplished this, but I am fairly sure it was done on purpose. Looking at all the pieces that were used, it is easy to see how the glass maker distrubuted the copper (?) particles onto the back of the glass pane before it was rolled. I've been working with old glass for 20 plus years and this is the first I have seen of this effect. I believe that the Peacock Tearoom panels the LC Tiffany did had a lot of glass with different types of, well, adventurine for want of a better word. His recipes went to the grave with him and no one has ever made glass quite the same. These panels ARE NOT Tiffany, but there is a good chance that this green glass came from his glass factory. This is just an educated guess on my part, and I'd mortage the house to be able to purchase glass like this.

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Might be as simple as which side is up which determines which side gets the most glitter? Might be more jumbled and angled on the top side just because it's on the top side? Just brainstorming on my part.

Here's a patent which you might like. Green-colored opal glass. It's about how to avoid getting aventurine. However, on the way to describing the process it notes that makers of "art ware" sometimes try on purpose to get aventurine.

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