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Peltier Green Lantern?!?!

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Got this little guy in the mail yesterday, it is 11/16 or so and is lime green with black aventurine all through it. Definitely not yellow, but the color bleaches out when flash is on....I think I may have hit the jackpot, I have only seen one like it at a show in Canton

Thoughts? Any and all opinions welcomed

(even if you say its just a bumblebee)




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The thangs ya c round har.

and the photography, Bill,

I do See,

to call it the thread winner

probably would not be rite

so I wont, dont,

mean I dont


"very nice marble"



THARS TWO, sorry buckeye when commenting, I missed the differant posters.

now I'm in a pickle


still, Bill on presentation, but I request permission to revise and extend my remarks (LOL)

Two damn Fine Marbles, they was some others.......


e1: hey, we all knew I was gonna

laughing out loud, who took all the marbles.


lol) saw the lantern knew I was in the pelt thread.

came back 1000's of missing Peltiers. (lol)

Stand Down the Gaurd.

I'd say sorry but look what ya saw.


Definately a close contest


The thangs ya c round har

put the first post in the rite thread

smoke the other two


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