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Great Score In The Wild(S) Of New Jersey

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Hi - picked up another Great lot of Mib's this morning at my local Flea.. here are the Highlights including 28 Handmade - a Akro Limeade Oxblood 3/4"+ and bunch of early Christensen "9" slags - a couple of pop-eyes - a nice sized Mineral sphere , pelts and lots more (some which I might need some help to id) total 300+ (less than 3 cents each) proof that they are still out there ... thanks for looking Pop.



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and the limeade and pop eyes - one of the pop-eyes has some gray in it Green-Yellow-white-with gray and clear glass is that Hybridization? not often do you get to find so many handmades in the wild - smallest Pee-wee 7/16th - there are 2 Indians and couple of transparent swirls (2 yellow one blueish) one green mica - and two well i don't know what to call them (pic above) this was pretty much the best of the lot condition wise - probably some other oddball ones here - just so nice to find things still pop up - fun is always in the hunt as one wise man once told me "If the Sun is up your already late"



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No kidding! Those last two in post #2 are awesome -- looks likke a single-pontil onionskin or cloud-type marble, and a wide single ribbon core -- or double ribbon? No matter -- all are hard to find!

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Dang! You did it, pops!

The first one is a double-ribbon core, not quite as rare as a single ribbon core, but almost. Ones like this, with two thin, wide ribbons and a nice twist, are hard to find. If it had three or four ribbons (and they'd be narrower) it would be a divided (your "split") core, and they're pretty common -- well, as far as antique mibs go, anyway. Although weirdly, if you find one with five or more ribbons, thay're rare, too . . .

The second one is a single-pontil cloud, wortha-buncha-money-honey. How much would depend on the size and condition. Looks pretty clean. Does the pontil look faceted?

How big are both of them?


SCOOP! Come look at this! From a flea market!

Some people have all the luck. Mumble mumble mumble . . .

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