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Bee In Marble

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You can't encase organic material in glass - it burns up since it has such a low melting (burning) point.

Oh - so these are not "real" buggers??? ROFL

I thought maybe one of the workers sneezed....


By the way - I have about 40 auctions ending today - lots of them start for just 99 cents and with ten winning auctions - shipping is free.

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When Les Jones died his wife Sue had a small amount of his ashes put in a few marbles for friends. It did burn up but it left a whirling pattern. I know Bill Tow received one. Not sure on the others. At one time he posted it right afterwards. Another example is that Scott Meyer tried with a real opal. Not the synthetics. It also burned up, but it too left a swirling pattern. Something akin to mica.

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Ashes really dont get burned up. I encased some for a friend a couple years ago. The color of the ash is light/almost white.

As far as a bee is concerned, if the artist is good and can duplicate a bug out of glass, that can be encased. Paul Stankard does some really cool bees.

Organics will be consumed into ash in the high temp of molten glass.

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The melting point of organic material is significantly lower than the melting point of even the coolest glass' melting point. You can't encase organic material in glass. Even the ambient temperature inside the core, assuming a hollow core, is too hot for the organic material. If the core was solid, the organic material would burn up quickly. Artiest have tried over the centuries to encase organic material with no success. Buyer beware if the person claims the material inside is organic in nature....lol.

Encasing in plastic is a totally different animal - of course, it certainly can be done!

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I like the Les Jones Marble.

It seems fitting that a marble made as a memorial/tribute should come out so attractive and distinctive.

I was a little confused by marblemansion's mib at first, too.

But when things finally clicked into place I concluded that, as a gentleman of subtlety, David wasn't

going to come right out and say "I know a Hybrid-Snotty when I see one!" :lol:

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