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Did You Ever See,,,,

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sorry about the poor photo's.Its all I have available to me,right now.



From the odyssey premiums

Dont tell anyone,but Sprinkles was in attendance at the Mammie's run on monday.I dont think he could stand around and just observe.

I realy like the name that columbus rock hound gave to some others--Party Guinea,,,on ebay

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I did fritt shots in red white and blue,"party guinea" and W.VA.,yellow and blue with lutz,on a black base,just to mention a few.

Now Im not trying to promote ebay sale or any kind of hidden agenda type of deal,but there is a nice mix currently listed on ebay.

At least you can see some decent photo's of some of the things that are coming from jabo.

Odyssey premiums

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The crappy photo's are mine.The others are from columbus rockhounds current listings.

Check out the "Mamies" that are popping up on ebay.I think they are still warm!!!!!

Ill get the photo's here,in a couple,,,,,,,,

I always have some fish fillets,before a marble run,,,,,,,,,,smoked salmon

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