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Best Score In A Long Time! (For Me Anyway)

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This mib was bought at the Round Top Antiques Fair last week. I see Popeye colors and I've heard that the wispy white to clear ratio can vary tremendously in Popeye's.

Hope you can see the clear areas as well as I can in hand. The last picture was taken outdoors. Colors are Orange, red, green, and blue. Size is 7/8.










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Roger, I wish I'd known you were there. I 'd have driven over. Pretty marble. It's not just an accident you know. You have to know it when you see it. I sure hope you're coming to Ft Worth the 16th.

I'll be there, with bells on, don't worry Edna. I can't wait actually.

As far as the two-week show, which is held twice a year, I was drowned in preparation and was running out of time to even think of such things, and I'm sorry I didn't call you. I still can't believe that I beat Willie to this mib since he is usually all over this show from day one! At least he had a very good excuse for being late.

Thanks everyone!


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Thanks you guys! I don't know if I'll ever be able to part with this bad boy. I am curious to know, however, what it might fetch on today's mkt. The orange band has to be the best part (in my eyes) since it virtually explodes all over the surface on the one end.


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