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Pictures Of The Past ...


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and an end to an era . :character-smileys-238: ..

this is what's left of the peltier plant. lots of mixed emotions on seeing this. lots of memories. but, as you see .. boarded windows .. FOR SALE SIGNS .. the bank took the mansion ... when joe cano and i pulled up .. first thing i noticed ... the big peltier glass sign .. was gone. then the little one hanging over the office door .. gone ... no real surprise .. just wondering .. WHO got them ?? the mansion.. hmmmm .. in disrepair ... sad to see it let go like that. after all the talk of resurrecting the place.

but, life rolls on. made new contacts, and all is not lost as too my desires at peltier. it was a worthwhile trip and i will be back. have to do multiple posts ... bill



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The house? Or all of the properties?

not positive, but i would think the house went for 97k, way more than i would pay for the house in the condition it's in. very-very poor .. the factory ... i doubt the whole block that the property encompasses would go for that low price ... bill

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