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1938 Newsreel


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A marble friend in the UK sent this link. So far the video hasn't loaded up for me. Hopefully someone here can enjoy it. Meanwhile, I shall keep trying. It's nice to know it's there even if I can't watch it.


Description from the site:

MARBLE CHAMPIONSHIP IN USA video newsreel film

Franklin, Tennessee, United States of America. Various shots of a school headmaster (unnamed) competing in a marble competition with one of his students. A crowd of children / teenagers watches. The pupil, Gilliam Traughber, loses to the teacher. They shake hands after the match.

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There were only two marbles left at the end, so the kid wasn't doing half-bad himself. Their form was atrocious, though; who shoots marbles with one knee up?! *freaks out a little*

I sub for a school, and the teachers know that I played marbles, so usually the fifth-grade teachers ask me to come in once a year and teach the kids how to play during one of their history classes. It always goes over real well; the kids love the chance to finally do something other than sit at a desk and stare at the projector all day. But then they forget it immediately. Even when there was a marbles group, and I advertised it, nobody joined. They almost all said they would, but none ever did. :( What I really wish is that I could get a hundred kids to gather around and watch of game of marbles with the enthusiasm of this video.

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