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Cane Cut . . .


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slag??? I've never seen another quite like it . . . two pontils, 25/32", very dark purple, but you can get some light through it, very little white in/on it, sorta caramelish or mellonballish or . . . strange. Any thoughts? Thanks.

P.S. That is not damage in the lower left shot . . . it's as-made . . . thin white glass.


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I was thinking Navarre too, before I picked it up and found two pontils. But I think Navarre are hand gathered, with a single pontil. I think this one is cane cut . . . maybe it's just a "Jaw Breaker", and the uncommon purple color distracted me from that possibility.

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Looks like a cane cut slag to me.

I didn't know there were such beasts . . . sorta just called it like I saw it. I've never seen another so I'm guessing they're not real common. Anyone else have examples?

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