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Whats The Difference Between An Akro Sparkler And Master Sunburst?

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okay - is there a such thing as a sunburst patch or a sparkler patch?

Master sunburst often have large areas of coverage...very patch like..but are not refered to as such. It would be easier if you just posted a pic of what you do have. There are Akro popeye patches and some Vitro phantom conqs that might be confused if someone did not know the difference. Both of which have a patch and white filliments.

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your first picture looks Master but your second picture,I'm not sure if they're all Masters.

If you want to know it you better can post 2 or 3 views of each marble.

At this moment I'm not sure myself with foreign sparklers and Masters LOL

the last picture could be a German sparkler,is that the one Buddy?

If you post new pictures would you please show the poles?


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