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Are These Cac

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The reason why i was asking is because i am tripping on the seam as to how far it extends around one of the marbles and on the other one it isnt to straight. The other questionable factor i had was the blotchy pattern they have. I just purchased them and needed to know if i should return them as contemps. Thanks for all your feedbacks,



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If you're still checking in here regarding these two marbles I'm pretty sure they're torch made and machine roller rounded. Look like some of John McCormick's early work. He provides an incised and fired gold painted Shamrock logo on all his marbles now. This though looks a little sloppier than his usual precision marble-making. David

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Nope! But the last group of something like 16 that I got from John had perfect seams and no mottled colors. I was rooming right across from John when he first showed up at Amana with his marbles and there is a world of difference between what he had then and what he's turning out now. They weren't bad then; it's just that he's refined his product and taken to signing everything. I suppose it is about time that I finally got to scanning some of my 35mm prints! David

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I can attest that I did not make those marbles.

I would agree with the experienced vintage collector opinions that it would be best to see it in hand before stating a final opinion.

It is difficult to assess the marble with grainy, out-of-focus macro photos taken from just a few perspectives.

I wish you the best in your quest for info.



"Precision." Really?

There is nothing precise about constructing a marble with random patterning.

Precise is an adjective to be reserved for a Mark Matthews geometric graal or a Drew Fritts twist marble.

Those two guys are professional artists -- I'm just an amateur glass melter with a round machine! :)

Yes, you should get those 35mm prints scanned!

I can just imagine how many photos of the various marbles you have and what it would take to get them digitized.

My mind spins thinking about the possible task!


Now, to layout the early Shamrock record.

March 2003 the marble machine was ready for testing.

Amana 2003 I showed a picture of the machine to a few people (Drew Fritts and Dan Grumbling).

The end of August was the first successful creation of spherical marbles.

October 2003 was the first public demonstration of the marble machine at Moon Marble.

December 2003 was the first marble show that both marbles and the machine were displayed (Huck Finn).

It was here that I met up with Chris Robinson.

Went to John Hamon-Millers shop to look at Chris Robinson's Road-and-Tunnel Slag marble machine.

Also at this show, I got to talk with Les Jones at the table next to Chris' and mine.

March 2004 was the first "Marble Crazy" that I demonstrated at.

It was here that I had further discussions with Les at the Holiday Inn (a Pelt collector "Ted" was in attendance).

Les bought some of my marbles at 50-cents a piece.

He told me he knew someone who would be interested in a few of these.

Les and Ted came to the Moon to see the machine.

Amana 2004 was the first year that I brought Shamrock Marbles (and the machine).

I dropped my marble case off in Les' room and walked around the building.

Les bought a few marbles.

I met Bill Tow for the first time.

David Chamberlain was across the hall and we had our first of many conversations.

I picked up Chris Robinson's machine from John Hamon-Miller in the west parking lot.


Now, here is a link to my GlassArtists dot Org page:


You can see some April 2004 marbles.

These were created after further discussions with Les Jones.

Up to this point, most marbles were pee-wee patches or simple swirls.


Any questions?


John McCormick

"Shamrock Marbles"

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