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My Ebay Auction Vitro Or Akro


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i know the box isn't marked, but i keep them a just little closer to my akros.

have you back-lit them? are the black ones transparent purple and are the blue ones transparent also? do both of them have a reddish glow?


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Hi all well Ron is the new owner and now Alan has the box listed on the bay

"This lot, A MARBLE CONSIGNMENT, consists of a 60-count box of "Chinese Checkers" marbles (ten each of red, black, yellow, green, blue, and white), each of which measures about 27/32" (22 mm). All or most are in the Mint range of condition. The dividers are built into the cardstock box, which has approximate dimensions of 9" by 6" by 1-1/32". The basal portion of the box is in excellent like-new condition, though the gray and black "stained glass" lid does have some wear, as well as a hole punched through the center (but not completely piercing it) and one split corner. The box is unmarked though I suspect the manufacturer of the marbles is Akro Agate Co. Winning bidder pays $12.00 Priority Shipping due to the size and weight of this item."

the auction for the box only

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