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Old Marble From China

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Hi folks

I need your help again. :blush:

I bought this marble a few weeks ago from an antique dealer in Australia who obviously has a very good reputation. He described this marble as following: Large Sung mottled red glass marble, minor surface pitting, otherwise intact. Origin: Sung dinasty, 960 - 1279 A.D. Dimension 28mm (= 1 1/8 inches).

It is indeed a lovely marble, it is out of dark red glass and the orange mottled flecks are not hit marks or other damages, they obviously were added somehow during the manufacturing process (there is no glass missing or a shallow pit there).

I have never seen or never heard of another marble like this one. What puzzles me is that it has no visible pontil(s) and that it is almost perfectly round. Otherwise it came with a certificate of authenticity and the glass definately looks and feels old.

Does anyone has seen or heard of such a marble ? Or does anyone has an idea whom I could ask ? :confused-smileys-17:

Thank you very much for your help.





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That marble was listed on ebay Australia for a long time last spring. I watched it and found it intriguing but I couldn't find any other info to confirm marbles or that color glass from the Sung dynasty. Guy sure seemed reputable and no reason to doubt his authenticity and if the price had been less I might have bought it. Should be an interesting piece to do more research on. Good luck and probably we marble collectors aren't going to be much help. Bill

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I've studied Sung Dynasty ceramics and other things of the period (many years ago) but don't remember even a mention of glass. I kinda doubt it's Sung, but the Sung were very ceramic-focused, and glazes are related . . . let me burrow around a little.

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Hi, thanks for all your answers

Yes, I bought in on Ebay Australia, exactly. After some of your answers I wrote an email to the seller and told him about my doubts after all your feedbacks. I just got an answer from him:

<<Hello I got some information today I will email soon. I was assured that the marble is ancient. I was also informed they had marbles in China from Han dynasty onwards will send details shortly. just keep in mind if you are asking any antique dealers for their opinion they tend to always say items are not real unless they are there pieces. it is a strange world I find with people who deal with antiques. You can return piece if you choose to though. I was informed that if the marble is studied under microscope or magnifier there will be evidence of dirt and debris inside the glass surface this is evidence of age and this is quite hard to fake.>>

The "moons" you see on the marble are neither hits nor subsurface moons. They seem to be part of the surface. If you hold the marble with your eyes closed you don't feel any pits or something, just a more or less smooth surface. I even worked on one of my clearies with some stones, the result looked totally different from this marble. I also put it in a glass of water like one of you suggested, but I couldn't discover anything special that way.

Well, perhaps one day I will find out what it is. Thanks for all your comments, I really appreciate it :cool-smileys-262:


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