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Some Ebay Help Please


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If the item is already listed go your your selling page on Ebay, click to the auction and at the top of the page on the left it should say something like "revise your auction". Click on that and scroll down to the pictures and click the "add pictures" link.


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thank you charles. i've tried that and i can get the pic into box where you can enlarge it. but i have seen auctions where another pic or pics show up in the text part of the auction, if that makes sense(?). that's what i am trying to do.


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Hi you can add an image but you can not resize or crop, so you have to get your images to size prior to uploading them to the auction listing, best to test it before hand or if you have a photo service you can insert your images using this hyper link in the html format page on item up date page

<img src=http:\\www.yoursite.com\yourimage.gif>

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Hi check out my auction as I use photobucket

the link to photobucket

after you down load the pics there they give you all the info to attach all you do is click on the address and it copy's it for you very easy to do . Mike

my auction

I even put in a utube video .. hope this helps if not just email me . Mike

Email me

this is the video I put in the ad along with 15 pictures .

My link

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You may have to use another auction service which has a total different page set up. I know many have pictures in the lower section,but most or all are using an auction listing service.

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