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Visit To David Chamberlain's Home

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allamericanmarbleset2.jpgON Spring Break Joseph and I visited marble makers and Joseph was treated to the watching of making beads, marbles and pendants. Rich Hollingshead helped Joseph make a marble, Andrew Brown helped Joseph make two beads, and Bryan Kitson made a pendant while we watched. Rashan Omari Jones also made a marble for Joseph. One of our first day visits was to David Chamberlain's home and Joseph was given the box of marbles below. Joseph treasures those marbles.

David also gave Joseph a hand full of Ravenswood marbles, and a stack of comic books.

Back in September of 2010, David wrote an article for the Texas Marble Collectors Inc. Newsletter about the "Marble Brewery" in Albuquerque. He commissioned David Salazar to make marbles with base glass the color of the brew and hops in the marble. Chamberlain gave me a "Hops Marble". I think David has all the rest of those marbles. Only 7 0r 8 of them made. Here is the one David gave me:

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