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Clear Oxblood...is This Really Rare?

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Hey everyone,

I bought a huge vintage collection today and in with some cat eyes was this. It is just at 5/8 and has actual oxblood swirled in between a sinlge seam on a clear base. the seam is obvious, but this marble is so tough to photo. It is not the new Jabo oxblood ones either. Clear MFC brick? Akro? CA error?

1. Who made it?

2. Help! Rarity/worth






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i have seen those, but the whole collection was old, it is unlikely this one snuck in....but I suppose it is possible. Yes, there is oxblood on the surface

Thinking more like akro I have two look just like yours will try to post pic

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I would be suspicious. I don't recall a Akro to match it,but that doesn't mean much. Is that a actual seam or more like a roll mark. Which is not unusal,especially with the tank wash marbles. Many of the tank wash marbles had the bubbles. The brown is much more common with Jabo than Akro. I don't see any black,wide spots or holes in the ox like a lot of Akro ox. Each month if not each week,some one tells me of finding a good size old collection,never been touched for years and years,but it has Jabo or Vacor. And sometimes everything else or most else is old vintage. I had a call last night of a old collection of over a gallon from a 85 year old man who worked at a marble plant years ago. It was all Jabo classics 2003 and maybe older. The person bought it as being all old vintage and was going to make some money. It seems like everyone is buying and selling marbles nowdays,but many are also getting disappointed later. Maybe someone can post a picture of a confirmed or known Akro like this,or maybe a Jabo?

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Agreed to all your points Ron, I am no akro expert by any means. I have seen those tank wash marbles and this looks a little different. There is a definite seam though. Many times an old time collection may have a handful of newer ones....that is usually the norm actually :)

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It is not consistent with any of the clear/Oxblood Akros I have seen. I have seen this seam/clear/oxblood pattern in a photo before - but cannot immediately place where.

Can you check to see if it flouresces?

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