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Amanna....who's Going?

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I would imagine canton would be a good show to attend this August, it seems to be the hot show these days. I'm going to try and get up there for it, hell I might even setup a table for the first time.

I think the traffic is light because like smitty said, the hobby is in desperate need for new collectors.

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It was a good show. More than a few of the regulars were missing. Many due to age and health issues it seemed. But overall sales were strong, always lot's of great marbles and it's always great to see everyone. The hotel had a long list of rules handed out at check in, no signs, no more than 5 people in a room, and on and on. Security guard was roaming the halls. You know how unruly all of us old marble guys are. LOL...they have become really unfriendly at the hotel and was time for a move.

Charles is correct, next year the show will be at the Marriott in Coralville near Iowa City, about 20 miles further east. Unfortunately, because of poor negotiating IMO room rates will remain the same. It is a highrise and we will be on multiple floors. Should be more public though, maybe it will get collectors excited again to come to this show. Moving a show can be really good or really bad, hard to say right now.


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