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Three Color Caged Veined Cateye Mibs

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I wish I had written down where I got all my marbles the moment I was at the antique store or even the State I was in! I was SO happy to find them that I felt like a little kid in a candy store with $10! I think I got that particular marble when I was in Canada andto the best of my knowledge, none of the marbles the 2 brothers and one sister had were Vacor. They brought me at least 9 BIG jars of marbles to go through - I got pelts, MK, slags, Vitro, and cateyes - MANY cateyes!!!!! I was there SO long, they gave me a bottle of water while I was looking over the marbles. They brought me a large box lid to pour them (gently of course) into so I could look closer at the choices. I got real deals too I think. Later, I'll post vintage mibs for you all to see that I got.

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Thanks Dani. That would be awesome.

Rich, I still suspect Vacor on your blue, yellow, white one. Especially if the base color is crystal clear like it seems to be in the picture. Al, what do you think on that one? I don't think I've ever seen a crystal clear one from Japan.

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I agree that Rich's marble probably is Vacor - just too odd a pattern for Japanese. Even though they had some messed up ones (Japanese), they still maintained the pattern pretty close. The Japanese had clear glass cat's-eyes, besides the coke bottle green that we are familiar with, but I'm thinking Steph is talking about crystal clear rather than 'normal' clear.

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well here are a few that did not go back to sunny Cal the set are all pee wees first set I listed a few years ago went in the high $40. I always had good luck selling hybrid cats . Mike

Well I can now load pics but was held back so will ad a reply with more pics . Mike








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Rich, I'd say the remaining ones of yours going left to right, top to bottom, numberwise, #'s 3, 8, 9 & 10 are Vitros. #12 looks Japanese. Others could be variety of foreign from Japanese to Vacor to India, China,... really hard to tell on some.

Vacor put out a ton of peewees similar to some that Mike showed also.

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